Trans­la­tions & con­tent man­age­ment

Amplexor (formerly euroscript) is a leading provider for digital solutions in the sector Global Compliance, Digital Experience and Content Solutions. Amplexor-solutions support processes in the industry and contain translations and content management services, software-technology an -support as well as systems integration. 

Trans­la­tions and con­tent man­age­ment

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Cathe­rine Johanns­son
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The Amplexor group (formerly euroscript) supports businesses with global content management, the design of internal processes and in communicating with their target markets or groups in an increasingly digitalised world.

Language services, language technology, content and document management and system integration and advice are offered at 41 locations in 22 countries on three continents. Amplexor is one of the world-wide market leaders. More than 1,850 employees and 5,000 freelancers generate an annual turnover of more than 150 million euros.