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With a subscription to the Rheinische Post, the Neuss-Grevenbroicher Zeitung, the Bergische Morgenpost or the Solinger Morgenpost you can get the most important news from politics, business, sport and culture every day – with a strong local section, advertising markets and numerous specials on everything that makes North-Rhine/Westphalia, Germany and the world go round. By the way, the Rheinische Post is also available in digital form as an ePaper for your PC or iPad.

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The reading-service of Rheinische Post

For more information about our holiday-service please call: +49 211 505 1111.

Become a subscriber!

The benefits are obvious: You save 30 per cent compared to the individual purchase price. In addition there is a cash bonus of 60 Euros. Not only that, the RP subscriber can shop at discount prices at around 2,800 partner shops with the PremiumCard.

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Trial subscription

Take a six-day trial subscription – look inside and see for yourself the numerous advantages that a subscription offers you – free and without obligation.

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Student subscription

If you’re studying at university you can read at a bargain price of just 21 Euros per month and save money with the PremiumCard, with which you can shop at discount prices in 2,800 partner shops such as REWE and Schaffrath. The TV programme is also included with the weekly Prisma TV supplement.

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Gift subscription

Birthdays, weddings or your grandchildren starting their first job – with the Rhei­ni­sche Post you can give pleasure to others on a daily basis. You save 30 per cent compared to the individual purchase price and with the PremiumCard you can shop at discount prices in 2,800 shops.

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Holiday service

You’re going on holiday? We are pleased for you. Please do let us know, however, whether you would like your newspaper to be forwarded to you or whether you would like to donate it to a welfare institution while you're away.

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RP abroad

So that you know what’s happening at home, you don’t have to do without the Rhei­ni­sche Post when you’re in the Netherlands. You can get your Rhei­ni­sche Post there - and in some hotels worldwide.

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Coupon booklet

Use the advantages of the RP coupon booklet: cashless payment for your Rhei­ni­sche Post, saving of money at retailers, transferability and much more besides.

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RP at home

Read the Rhei­ni­sche Post throughout Germany. In its core circulation area you can get your newspaper at all newsagents as well as at railway stations, airports and at large specialist newsagents.

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