Advertising paper publishing houses

Very local – and thus very close to the reader: The Rheinische Post Mediengruppe has a holding in five national advertising paper publishing houses. Together they distribute around 3.8 million free advertising papers to the region’s households every week.

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Kurier Ver­lag GmbH, Neuss
Mosel­strasse 14
41464 Neuss

Ste­fan Men­ciotti
Phone +49 2131 404 27 4

Kurier Verlag GmbH, Neuss

With its advertising papers the Kurier Verlag reaches around 145,000 households in Neuss, Kaarst, Grevenbroich, Rommerkirchen and Jüchen every Wednesday and Saturday. The editorial staff want not to only inform, but also to champion the interests of people in the region with their articles.

The locally-based trading companies, retailers, service providers and handicraft companies value the possibility to have their advertisement made to measure by the Kurier Verlag, from the small local ad to the large regional campaign for all households in the target area.

The field sales representatives take care of the targeted addressing and personal support of the local business customers and also assist with the planning, design and scheduling of adverts, leaflets and online forms of advertising.



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Nie­der­rhein Ver­lag und Medien­ser­vice GmbH
Mühlenstraße 32-40
47441 Moers

Veith Win­kels
Phone +49 2841 915 0

Niederrhein Verlag und Medienservice, Duisburg

With its flagship paper ‘stadt-panorama am Mittwoch’ the Niederrhein Verlag und Medienservice GmbH reaches 365,000 households every Wednesday on the Lower Rhine and in the cities of Duisburg, Dinslaken, Voerde, Moers, Kamp-Lintfort, Neukirchen-Vluyn and Rheinberg. In addition the ‘Stadtpanorama am Sonntag’ is published on the left bank of the Lower Rhine with a circulation of 145,000 copies. “We are the undisputed market leader in the region”, says managing director Veith Winkels.

Alongside the two weekly newspapers, special interest publications and Lokalfenster stadtpanorama-TV by Duisburg television station, studio47, also belong to the Mediengruppe. With an integrated typesetting and graphics service and the Pano Werbebetrieb GmbH, the Niederrhein Verlag und Medienservice GmbH offers an all-round service from one source – from the initial consultation to delivery to the consumer’s letter box.

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Rund­schau Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Johannisberg 7
42103 Wuppertal

Lutz Rensch
Phone +49 202 27144 30

Wuppertaler Rundschau, Wuppertal

The Wup­per­ta­ler Rund­schau reaches virtually every household in Wuppertal with a circulation of 176,000 copies on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Managing director Rainer Wolff attaches particular importance to the editorial part: “All classic local sections – from culture to sport to business – are taken care of by experienced editors.”

The Rundschau team additionally publishes the Wuppertal edition of the lifestyle journal ‘Top Magazin’ four times a year and produces a ‘rundschau-tv’ for the publishing company’s website.



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Pan­orama Anzei­gen­blatt GmbH
Zül­pi­cher Strasse 10
40196 Düs­sel­dorf

Thomas Kolmer
Phone +49 211 505 26 530

Panorama Anzeigenblatt GmbH, Düsseldorf

The Panorama Anzei­gen­blatt GmbH combines the advertising paper activities of the Rhei­ni­sche Post Medi­en­gruppe and the W. Girardet publishing group. Papers such as the Düsseldorfer Anzeiger, the Stadt-Spiegel for Krefeld, Mönchengladbach and Viersen and the Extra-Tipp editions for Moenchengladbach, Krefeld, Viersen, Willich and Meerbusch are each published in midweek and at the weekend. Together they make up a total weekly circulation of around 1.5 million copies.

Via the Rheingold advertising paper combination Panorama also handles the national key accounts for twelve publishing houses, including the Niederrhein Nachrichten Anzeigenblatt GmbH in Geldern, the Niederrhein Ver­lag und Medien­ser­vice GmbH in Duis­burg, the Kurier Verlag GmbH in Neuss or the Wuppertaler Rundschau.

All sections operate with their own local offices, editorial staff and sales teams in order to ensure optimum customer support. 

The direct distribution company Tempo-Team, which delivered more than 180 million brochures to the region’s households in 2015, also belongs to the Panorama group, as does Panorama Vertriebsgesellschaft, which guarantees nationwide delivery with over 5000 messengers.

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Saarbrücker Zeitung
Verlag und Druckerei GmbH
Gutenbergstraße 11-23
66117 Saarbrücken

Anne Schiess
Phone +49 681 502 3001 

Advertising papers from the Saarbrücker Zeitungsgruppe

With its publications Wochenspiegel (Saarland), Die Woch (Saarland / Trier), Volksfreund-TIPP, the Saarbrücker Zeitungsgruppe has high-reach advertising / weekly papers in their individual sales regions. They reach more than 1.6 million households every week.

In the Saarland sales region, the Saarbrücker Zeitungsgruppe publishes the Wochenspiegel on Wednesdays and Die Woch on Saturdays via the Saarländische Wochenblatt Verlagsgesellschaft (SWV) with each reaching more than 0.5 million households.

Die Woch Trier is distributed on Saturdays with reaching more than 0.2 million households. Additionally, the Wednesday product Volksfreund-TIPP (Trier) als has a print run of 0.2 million copies.