Where are all the me­dia group’s news­pa­pers ac­tu­al­ly print­ed? And who de­liv­ers them to my let­ter box? The com­plex ar­eas of print­ing and lo­gis­tics are two im­por­tant pil­lars of the com­pa­ny. How­ev­er, IT and mar­ket re­search ser­vice providers al­so en­sure that ev­ery­thing works smooth­ly – both for em­ploy­ees and for read­ers.

Publishing services

Do you need a service provider for planning, organising and producing newspapers, journals, magazines and books? Do you need assistance with the commercial and technical processing of advertisements and/or inserts orders? Do you need help with the layout and design of print and online products?
Then Pre-Press-Services is your answer.

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Which format would you like? Small, large or extra-large? Broadsheet or tabloid? Classic or modern? The media group’s print shop can do (almost) everything. Newspapers, advertising papers, brochure, magazines and supplements are produced at the printing location in Düsseldorf – just as the customer requests.

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How do a hundred thousand newspapers actually wind up in the region’s letter boxes in the early hours of the morning – reliably,  six days a week, come rain, come shine? The company behind this logistic performance is the RP AdLog, section logistics, which delivers the Rheinische Post as well as supraregional printed media and magazines from other publishers.

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circ IT takes care of the Rheinische Post Mediengruppe’s technology. It operates on the market as an IT service provider for media and media-related companies. Its customers include well-known publishing houses.

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Market research

How can we make our products even better? How do our target groups perceive our media? What about the advertising effect? These are research and analysis projects with which the delta market research institute concerns itself.

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